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Chicago Venture Partners, L.P. is a private equity investment firm specializing in buyouts, late stage growth equity investments and PIPES (private investments in public entities). Our constant striving is to find and create circumstances that combine three factors that are critical to investment success. These are (i) great business opportunities, (ii) uncommon managerial talent, and (iii) financial capital.

Founded in 1998, Chicago Venture manages approximately $45 million and has led private investment transactions in more than a dozen companies across several industries. After the initial investment, CVP has supported its companies with diligent board level involvement and several with follow-on infusions of capital. In addition to approximately 45 years of combined investment experience, the CVP management team brings to its investments the seasoning that can only be gained by experiencing entrepreneurship and operations on a first hand basis.  

At least five portfolio companies have already achieved successful exits that have provided liquidity to both management and investors. CVP attributes this high ratio of successful exits to its selectiveness and ability to partner with quality management teams. In the case of each liquidity event, whether via IPO (initial public offering) or sale to a strategic or financial buyer, Chicago Venture has provided pricing and transaction structuring leadership to ensure an optimal exit is achieved. 

Although CVP typically invests between $2 million and $3 million per investment, we have been the lead equity investor in transactions up to a total of $30 million. We have also introduced subsequent, third-party investors for significant follow-on rounds. In pricing and structuring transactions, CVP seeks to allocate risk, control and deal economics in a way that optimizes incentives for management and provides protection for investors. We believe our creativity has facilitated several strong investments that other firms have not been able to complete.


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